Youth Hockey Summer Camp

Youth Hockey Summer Camp

Youth Hockey Athletic Performance Camp:

  • Program:
    • The camp will work towards developing the total athleticism of each athlete. Athletes will go through intensive mobility and movement corrective exercises, skill development (speed, change of direction, jump, acceleration, and deceleration) and have a progressive strength training that is appropriate towards the age level and experience. This program will also spend extra attention to strengthening and creating mobility in commonly injured areas such as the groin muscles and shoulders for those who are checking. Attendance to each session is highly recommended in order to achieve maximum results
    • The Hockey Development Camp will work to improve: •Injury Prevention• Confidence
      •Overall Strength / Explosiveness
      •Speed / Agility / Acceleration – Deceleration •Rotational Power
      •Shoulder – Elbow – Wrist Strength / Stability •Core Strength / Stability
  • Pricing:
    • $450 – Discount of 10% for those missing more than 2x weeks for vacation. Must notify before purchasing
    • A strong effort at accommodations will be made to players on teams with scheduling conflicts
    • Family Discount of 2+ athletes offered at 10% off of the total price
  • Metric Testing:
    • Athletes will perform baseline and program completion testing
    • Ideal for showing progression and to highlight limitations & imbalances
  • Nutrition Overview:

◦ Group Nutritional Counseling – How and when to fuel, healthy ways to gain mass, etc.

• Scheduling:
Please see the attached schedule below

  • Group A (’07-‘09 Birth Year)
  • Group B (’04-’06 Birth Year)
  • Schedule and group assignments are subject to change based on class needsPlease email info@tacticsp to RSVP by 04/20/2018. Please include athlete’s level and year.

 Hockey Youth Summer Camp Info 2018

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