Youth Strength Training Information for Parents

Youth Strength Training Information for Parents

With the growing interest in sports performance training and early specialization in youth athletes, the necessity to provide accurate information on the benefits and risks of performance training is at an all-time high. While we all hold on to our own beliefs of strength training from the times when our old coaches ran us through workouts in the weight room, the field of Strength and Conditioning has grown dramatically. Each day new information is being discovered and old methods are being tossed out the window.

At Tactic Sports Performance, we feel that as parents, you need to receive and understand accurate information and not old myths or personal opinions. The National Strength and Conditioning Association is the leading body of experts, scientists, and coaches and works to deliver the highest quality, scientifically backed, information to its readers and members.

Please find the attached short article below and be sure to share it with friends and family who are interested or actively participating in a sports performance program.



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