Part-time & Full-time Performance Coach

The internship program at Tactic Sports Performance is proven to help you gain the knowledge and experience to prepare you for life as a Sports Performance coach or increase your chances of securing your next job or acceptance to graduate school. This is an intensive program and applicants will be required to hit minimum weekly hours and complete educational assignments, along with daily and weekly intern duties. Interns can be expected to:

  • Coach athletes of different ages, levels, and sports each day
  • Discuss current topics and training methodologies
  • Participate in staff workouts
  • Complete a semester project that is chosen after discussion with Director
  • Have fun

Interns are required to be active, engaging, problem solvers, and self-motivated. Regardless if you are going to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, or a host of other fields, the Tactic Sports Performance internship can give you tools and experiences to make you a more versatile practitioner for your future position.

Much like the position, our application process is unique as well. We require that you send the following items as well as email 3 short videos to if you are applying.

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • 3 short videos of you coaching another person in 3 different exercises.


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